Snood Zander Fishing Mania


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Extra warm and multifunctional snood, the suitable product against cold and wind,.

To wear around the neck to keep warm or pulled up over the face or the head, extra long dimension (cm 50) who allows to dress it in several solutions, it can be adjusted to cover neck, mouth and ears or  can also be worn as a scarf and the adjustable drawstring with toggle on/off can also be fully tightened allowing it to be converted and worn as a beanie hat.

Made from 100% High Performance Polyester Fleece, quick drying & easy to wash.

Featured by a well evident printing, printing is mirrored in both sides of the snood to ensure that your favourite fishing discipline will be always at sight, independently on how you will wear it.

Realized in the same line and style of all others Fishing Mania products.

Unisex, one size fits most adults.

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