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Cap Piker Canada

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Cap Piker Canada, black cap with white visor,  100% cotton, one size fits all.

Cap front:  text “PIKER” realized in 3d embroidery, all the front panel has been printed with the Canadian flag using a vintage effect, the maple leaf of the flag has a red embroidered border in all the perimeter.

Visor:  in the center of the visor there is a red patch with distressed borders, text “Hotspot” realized in 3d embroidery, text “Fishing Pike” in flat embroidery, visor sewing lines are well visible and realized in contrast color (black sewing lines).

Left side:  the maple leaf of the Canadian flag is included in a rounded patch with an embroidery border

Right side: Hotspot Design rubber logo sewed on the right side.

Rear part: text “CANADA” realized in flat embroidery, rear in self fabric with metal buckle to adjust the cap circumference.





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