Mikado Jaws Wolfram Leaders


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– Wolfram leaders
– 2 pcs per pack
– 4 available options
– Length: 35 cm
– Breaking strain: 5, 10, 15 or 18 kg
– Made from high quality wolfram
– Extremely flexible yet very durable
– Nickel swivels
– Mikado snaps
– Safely land even the most aggressive pike!

A good, strong leader is a must-have when fishing for pike. The Mikado Jaws Wolfram Leaders are made of high quality wolfram and have nickel swivels and Mikado snaps. Wolfram is an extremely good leader material because of its unbelievable flexibility and durability. These characteristic definitely give it an edge over other leader materials. Safely land even the most aggressive pike with the Mikado Jaws Wolfram Leaders! Available in different breaking strains.

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