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Waterproof multifunctional backpack in Tarpaulin fabric, heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage.

Sporty bag made from a waterproof material with a rubber-like surface and high frequency welded seams (“Seamless Technology”). U-backpack opens from the top and it is 100% waterproof so you can take it out on the water, it floats safely if dropped in water.

Ideal for the full day trip, carrying food, fishing gear, camera, jacket and a change of clothes. Perfect for water sports and all types of activities, protects contents from water, sand, dirt and dust.

Adjustable padded straps and two welded carry handle for additional portability, durable, wipe clean and easy to store away, constructed for the toughest environments, sports and activities, and for ultimate portability & comfort.

Material: Tarpaulin
Volume: 30 litres
Max measurements: cm 70x38x25


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