NOMURA TROUTY 2.5cm. 2gr.


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An amazing crank of 25 mm and only 2.0 gramsof weight; it has a sinking attitude, it is carefullypainted with high visibility and realistic colours. Itis small but gets tremendously effective once in action.It is armed with a black nickeled barbless hookchemically sharpened size 8 perfectly proportionedwith it; the split ring on the lip is hooked to the metalwire that strengthens this lure in all the weaknesspoints, lip included, making it a real fighter. Perfectto seek predators in the shallower waters of lakesand rivers margins. Very effective with bass, zanderand of course trouts.
CODE LENGTH WEIGHT ACTION DEPTH NM547***02 2,5 cm cm 2 g sinking 0-2.5 m

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