NOMURA HIRO STREET 1.90 – 0-6gr.


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4 actions are available for a new large family of rods, offering an huge number of actions and lengths, suitable for both use, in freshwater and also in the sea. Each action has different colors in the 100% carbon solid tip to recognize immediately the fish attack to your Nomura lure. Using braided lines, the K-Style black frame SIC guides, saltwater resistant avoid lure tangling and they are are carefully located on the blank to minimize friction during casting.
Hi density grade EVA split handle with aluminium inserts. Very sensitive rod, slim, 100% full carbon blank, equipped with top strong spigot structure.
The fast action of these blanks can cast at great distances, using small hard and soft lures, or jigs with the top precision.
Original Fuji reel seat with alloy and Teflon material.
Good for ultra light, light, medium spinning.
Chose the right HIRO STREET for your favorite way of fishing!!

CODELENGTHC.W.SECT.CLOSEDWEIGHT NM255006191.90 m0-6 g299 cm98 g NM255006202.06 m0-6 g2105 cm103 g NM255006222.23 m0-6 g2114 cm109 g NM255010191.98 m10 g2101 cm102 g NM255010212.10 m10 g2109 cm106 g NM255010232.32 m10 g2120 cm116 g NM255016191.98 m16 g2102 cm102 g NM255016212.10 m16 g2107 cm112 g NM255016232.32 m16 g2120 cm121 g NM255026212.10 m26 g2107 cm112 g NM255026232.32 m26 g2120 cm124 g NM255026242.43 m26 g2124 cm130 g

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