Salmon Protéin Hydrolysat 500 mL : Pure salmon protein hydrolysate for all round use: boost your hook bait, boost boilies, mix in your groundbait or stick mix, add to your pellets or particles. All year round a perfect booster and protein source with free amino acids.
- Liver O Complex 500 mL : A liquid to use for coating your boilies, boosting your stick mix and groundbait etc. Made of our salmon protein hydrolysate added a selection of oleoresins as fenugreek, garlic and cayenne and liver flavour.
- Sweet Tiger Nut 500 mL: Perfect liquid to give your boilies, stick mix, particles, groundbait etc a sweet touch. Made of pure tigernut extract with a pinch of cinnamon flavour.
- The Kraken Glug 500 L : Boost your boilies, stick mix groundbaits, pellets and particles with this liquid and add an intense smell of Squid & Octopus to your favorites.
- Robin Red Range 250 mL : The original Robin Red liquid from Haith´s added 4 different flavours: Garlic, Plum, Shrimp and Black Squid. All round high attractive booster.
- Dip Banana GLM, 125ml : This dip is designed to boost your hook bait. It´s a mix of banana, scopex and glm flavour.
- Dip Liver-O Complx, 125ml : A very powerful and strong dip only for use as a single hook bait booster. Contains the following oleoresins Fenugreek, garlic, cayenne and liver flavour.
- Dip Nutty Crunch, 250ml : Our unique sweet and creamy dip use it as a booster in your boilies, groundbait, stick mix etc. This dip is highly attractive with a blend of our own Nutty Crunch flavour and tigernut extract.
- Dip Piña N-Butyric Acid, 250ml : Special designed to give a visual cloud when added to your stick mix and groundbait. The strong pineapple flavour along with the butyric acid makes this a highly attractive booster.
- Dip The Kraken, 125ml : Single hook bait dip with a very strong smell of Squid & Octopus flavour and added salt extract and amino acids.

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